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Press molding powder metallurgy part technology

Press molding powder metallurgy part technology

2018/10/31 14:54
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Pressing molding is an important process in powder metallurgy parts processing. To understand the pressing process, one way and two ways of pressing are necessary. The density distribution of the product is different due to different pressing methods.
In simple terms, for unidirectional pressing, the pressing force decreases as the friction on the inner wall of the die increases with the distance from the punch, and the density changes with the pressure change. In the powder, lubricant is usually added to facilitate pressing and demoulding, and the low-pressure stage of lubricant reduces the friction between powder and increases the density rapidly in the process of pressing. However, in the high-pressure stage, as lubricant is filled in the gap of powder particles, the density of product is hindered instead. Control of product release force to avoid surface defects.
During the pressing process, the weight of the product must be confirmed, which is very critical, because the pressure instability of many factories will lead to large difference in the weight of the product, directly affecting the performance of the product.
Powder preparation is the beginning of powder metallurgy. Powder metallurgical materials and products continue to increase in quality, the requirements of the type of powder more and more. In terms of the types of powder produced by powder metallurgy, the following examples are given:
Such as:
In terms of material range, not only metal powder is used, but alloy powder, metal compound powder, etc.
In terms of powder shape, it is required to use powder of various shapes.
In terms of powder size, all kinds of powder are required. The coarse powder size is between 500 and 1000 microns.
In order to satisfy the various requirements for powder, there must be various ways of producing powder which involve the transformation of metals, alloys, or metal compounds into powder in a solid, liquid or gaseous state.

Add:No. 199, Shuanglin Street, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jinhua, Zhejiang

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