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World powder metallurgy congress 2018 in Beijing

World powder metallurgy congress 2018 in Beijing

2018/10/31 14:52
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The 2018 world powder metallurgy congress (WORLDPM2018) opened in Beijing on sept 17, with the theme of building high-end platforms, strengthening industrial exchanges, sharing the latest achievements and realizing win-win cooperation.
It was reported that this was the 27th international conference since the first general assembly in 1965 and was a high-level conference at the world level in the field of powder metallurgy. The meeting by the powder metallurgy industry technology innovation strategic alliance (CPMA) and the Chinese society for metals (CSM) jointly organized, attracted from Sweden, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Germany, France, Britain, Italy, India, Russia, Australia, China and Taiwan industry experts and scholars of 32 countries and regions such as more than one thousand people over Beijing, explore the world of powder metallurgy of the progress of the science, technology and engineering and development strategy.
The convening of this conference has played an active role in enhancing the exchanges and cooperation between the powder metallurgy industries of various countries and promoting the development of the global industry of powder metallurgy.
Powder metallurgy technology is globally recognized as a green, efficient, low-carbon and sustainable manufacturing technology. It has been receiving more and more attention from the manufacturing industry and governments around the world and occupies a very important position in the economic development of countries. Powder metallurgy technologies and products play an irreplaceable role in the industries of defense industry, energy and transportation, electric vehicles, high-end equipment, petroleum and petrochemical industry, new-generation electronic components, chip components and new medical devices. Now nanotechnology, additive manufacturing technology and injection molding have also entered the emerging field of powder metallurgy. After decades of development, China's powder metallurgy technology and industry have made remarkable breakthroughs and achievements, making important contributions to the development of national economy and national defense military industry.
The opening of this world powder metallurgy summit will encourage China's powder metallurgy industry to embrace the development trend of the world with a more forward-looking vision, a more open mind and deeper cooperation. This conference will also strengthen exchanges and cooperation among countries in the field of powder metallurgy, and promote win-win cooperation and coordinated development of the global powder metallurgy industry at a higher level and of higher quality.

Add:No. 199, Shuanglin Street, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jinhua, Zhejiang

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